This years Save The Student Money Survey gave some interesting results when it looked as students ways of earning money. Around 4% of students have done some kind of adult work – any job or service which involves nudity or erotica, not necessarily involving sex. That is double the 2017 figure. Although it might sound like quite a small percentage, 4% of students likley means around 70,000 students in total (based on the most recent HESA count of undergrads). So this survey shows adult work is a good source of income for large numbers of students.

The survey showed that students are just as likely to sell sexy photos or used underwear as say provide sugar dating, with the ease of getting started and staying anonymous using being a key factor in this. When the survey asked students abotu times when they needed emergency cash, another 6% of students said they would try adult work for this. Here’s some student comments about trying adult work at university:

I sold my socks and me and my flat mate sold worn pants

If I needed to I would do escorting again as it can be a quick and relatively easy way to make money

I’ve made money through having a sugar daddy – he would give me money for webcamming and chatting sexy online.

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