“Luton is dreadful. Drive through there with all doors locked, that’s my advice.”

“Luton. No specific part, just Luton.”

“Luton is pure hell.”


“Seafront is actually really nice. But if you walk just one block away from it… Holy shit!”

“The area from the promenade to Stanley park is basically 1970’s New York”

“Its an absolute shit pit. I explain it like this: imagine all the demolished building parts and the left over bits from construction, they got dumped in Blackpool and had some lights slung on them.”

“Councils just dump all over it by sending their worst cases.”


“Stoke-on-Trent has its share of rough areas”

“Stokies are very friendly and the city has a rich heritage, especially in pottery but other than that, it is an absolute shit hole”


“Parts of Manningham in Bradford are really, really rough.”

“I travel for my job and everywhere has its ups and downs but out of all the places that make the “Worst” list Bradford is a genuinely scary place to commute through”

“Bradford. Some estates are fucked like.”

Isle of Sheppey

“The isle of Sheppey is bad”


“Aah Skegness the home of absolutely nothing”

“Not the best community just old alcoholics and shit mouthed children, but it’s better than where I live so what can I say”
“Isn’t that all seaside resorts?”

“Scumbags, wind turbines, and fuck all to do”

“Skegness is fucking shit at the best of times but spending a week’s “holiday” there in Feb is the pits”


“My choice for roughest place was bits of Newport or bridgend in Wales”


“I live in a town near but whenever I go to the city, I feel so unsafe.”

“Gloucester has become a massive shit hole over the years. It used to just be Cheltenham’s slightly scuzzy cousin but now the old Town center (not the Quays) has gone full crackhead. Shame really but glad I do t have to go there any more.”

“Gloucester is what you get when you cross boredom and drugs.”

“There are about three nice roads around the cathedral and that’s it. Rest is awful.”

“Gloucester’s a funny place. Has all the components of a typically pleasant cathedral city but with an inexplicably seedy vibe.”

“The towns around it are amazing but expensive. Gloucester itself, holy shit.”


“The place is an absolute shithouse.”

“From what I understand it was really nice a few decades back, people had holiday homes there etc”

“It was a bit rough but basically okay back then (80s), but it really went downhill.”

“Massssive shithole”

“It’s like you’ve gone to a third world country….you haven’t seen pure rough and “We need to leave NOW” vibes until you go there.”

“Jaywick in Essex is famous for its coastal colloquial architecture (it’s a full blown shanty town).”

“We didn’t even get out of the car. Hated even stopping.”


“Been to Rhyl once a long time ago. Arcades were shut and a dead body washed up on the beach.”

“Don’t get me started on fucking Rhyl. Place is so run down. It’s sad really. My grandmother loves the place still though! It’s the arsehole of North Wales.”


“Born & bred in Oldham. Holy fuck. I rapidly learnt the right and wrong times to be mouthy on a night out. Survival of the fittest. I’ll never go back!”

“Can’t believe I had to scroll so far down for Oldham. Has no-one else ever been!? Lucky bastards.”


“Cheetham Hill in Manchester. Been through. Seems shit and depressing.”

“I picked up a van from the hire place behind the prison, came out on the streets in cheetham hill and saw multiple drug deals going on in broad daylight.”


“Gresham in Middlesbrough. It’s where a good chunk of the addicts of the town live so crime is through the roof. It’s the poorest area of one of the poorest towns in the country, so it doesn’t stand a chance.”

“As someone from Middlesbrough, I had to Google where Gresham was but as soon as I was the map I was like ahhhhhhhh yea. I actually used to live round there in very early 90s when it was all families. Moved before I remember and it has gone majorly down hill.”

“Middlesbrough , took a wrong turn and ended up in a housing estate. burnt out cars on the pavement and kids jumping on the roof.”

“Rumour has it that Ridley Scott used ‘boro as the inspiration to Blade Runners post dystopian city. He also got honory degrees from both Sunderland and Teeside university which he didn’t bother showing up to collect!”


“Manor Park is pretty rough these days, as well as some parts of Ilford”


“Chatham, the most deprived place in Kent, originator of the chav and generally an absolute shithole.”


“It has the best description for the people of Scunthorpe I’ve met right in the name.”

“Scunthorpe. I’m from there, and parts of Westcliffe and Riddings…. Nah mate. Not worth it. Even the town centre looks shitter and shitter when I go back as the bigger stores have moved to retail parks.  It has its nice areas don’t get me wrong, but its the butt of jokes for a reason.”


“Dagenham, I don’t think I have to say much”

“Dagenham seemed more depressing than rough when I went”


“The Bournville estate, Weston-super-Mare. So bad it was on GMTV once and the reporter was abused while reporting on the abuse and crime!”

“A lot of work has gone into making it better, but it was basically a council estate for housing druggies and people generally forgotten by the government.”


“Speaking as a southerner, I must point out that bits of Plymouth are as rubbish as anything the North has to offer”


“Any of the almost innumerable awful suburbs which ring Birmingham. Aston, Lozells, Ladywood, Winson Green, Soho… They’re all fucking awful.”

“Anywhere in Brum with Postcode between B5 & 24.”


“Real hole”

“Live in Stevenage, can confirm”