Believe it or not, everyone is going through some sort of difficult situation. Whether it be to do with finances, personal health, drugs, relationships or whatever the case may be, there’s a struggle going on in EVERYBODY’S life.

For a lot of people, it will seem like they are stuck in a realm of bad luck, constant misfortune and ultimately and in some cases unfortunately, severe sadness. This may even be the case for YOU. As much as it may seem like that is the case, and it is impossible for you to break out of this cycle, I’m here to tell you that it is VERY MUCH POSSIBLE. It doesn’t matter what age you are, whether you’re 18, 36, 24, or 60; YOU CAN BREAK THE CYCLE AND TURN YOUR LIFE AROUND.

Now, it’s all well and good you reading this, but you need to know how you can do this. How can I stop my addiction? How can I stop my financial struggles? How can I turn my life around? Well, you’ve come to the right place. There’s a few things to understand in order to figure out how one can change their situation from bad to good, and ‘Break The Cycle.’ The first thing to understand is the role of Bad Habits.

The Role Of Bad Habits

Bad Habits play a very important role in keeping you in a life of constant struggle and lack of progression and often because these habits are so engrained in us, and even sometimes such small things, we fail to notice that it is those things that are keeping us in the situation we’re in. Little things like spending money that we know full well we’re going to need but justifying it with ‘I’m getting paid on Friday anyway,’ or, say, buying another bottle of alcohol even though you’re supposed to have quit drinking but saying something like ‘one bottle won’t hurt.’ That small action reinforces a bad habit of lying to yourself; telling yourself that it is okay to do something when you truly know it isn’t and the more you continue to do it, the more difficult it is to break out of it and at some point that action is going to come back to haunt you.

You want to turn your life around? Kick out those bad habits and replace them with good ones. Instead of spending the money, put it away in savings. Instead of buying yourself that bottle of alcohol, buy a bottle of water instead. All these things sound SO TRIVIAL, right? That’s because they are, but the action itself is not the difficult part, it’s the mindset. You need to be TOUGH.

Mental Toughness

I can’t emphasize enough how important mental toughness is in ‘Breaking The Cycle.’ As I just mentioned, the actions that you will need to take will not require you to do anything too strenuous more often than not, but more so just small little things that will make a big difference. Actually doing those things requires you to be mentally tough. You HAVE to be able to stop yourself from doing those same little bad habits that you’ve been doing that have been holding you back your entire life and not only that, you have to be disciplined enough to do good habits CONSISTENTLY. There’s an idea about good habits that says it takes about 21 days to form a good habit, which is 3 weeks. That’s 21 days of consistently saying no to bad habits. 21 days of consistently making a small change each day that will turn the rest of your life around. 21 days of progress and bettering yourself. You can do it. That 21 days will go so quick and once those good habits are developed, you’ll start seeing great things happening. There is one final thing that is very important for you to remember….

Struggle Is Necessary

One thing that is without a doubt relevant to everybody in the world, is that life waits for NO ONE. It doesn’t matter how well you’ve done in previous days, weeks, months or even today. Doing well today, doesn’t affect tomorrow. You’ve probably heard the saying Tomorrow is NEVER promised and it couldn’t be any more accurate. Life will throw some curveballs your way at any time it pleases, and will continue to move forward regardless of your progression. Life will put you through the struggle, but don’t ever forget, STRUGGLE IS NECESSARY.

The struggle is part of the process that will ultimately help you to achieve your goal. It moulds you into the person that you need to become in order to achieve the goals you’re aiming for. Don’t ever expect to achieve great things for yourself if you remain the same person. Allow the struggle to mould you and change you into someone who is better. Someone who is more disciplined. Someone who is focused on personal development. Someone who will outlast their struggles in order to turn their life around. So when you go through something, and it seems like it’s incredibly hard, that because it is. If it was easy there wouldn’t be a struggle and you wouldn’t become the person you’d need to become.

Final Point

So to those reading this who may be in what seems like a never ending cycle of misfortune, bad luck, sadness and lack of progression, you can change all of that. You are greater than your current circumstance and you are capable of great things. Don’t ever think for one second that your current circumstance is your permanent circumstance when in fact, most struggles only last for a season of your life. Take control. Don’t allow the same bad cycle to keep happening again and again and again. As obvious as it may sound if you want things around you to change, then change yourself first. If you want to change your life around then start forming some good habits and get rid of the bad ones. 21 days may seem like forever, but in hindsight, it’s only 3 weeks to potentially set you up to become a much better person, and when those situations arise when it’s time for you to decide whether to do the easy thing and fall back into bad habits, or do the more difficult thing and stop yourself from doing those bad habits, STAY STRONG. With each little change you make you become a much better person every day.

“The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.” – Confucius.